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In Appreciation of Each and Every Member of Our Lincoln Home Staff

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Executive Director, Lynn Norgang, is proud and passionate about the staff that she is honored to be a part of. She shares, “At The Lincoln Home, we are family, each and every one of us. Together, as a team, we pride ourselves in the care we give our residents. It takes a special kind of person; kind, caring and compassionate, to deliver the level of care we believe in. Our family of exceptional caregivers go above and beyond to make a difference in our residents’ lives every day.”

Wednesday, March 27, Lincoln Home hosted an event to welcome over 10 new employees and thank all the employees for hours of early mornings and late nights of extra coverage. Two home care clients were guests of honor and joined the party which allowed their One2One Home Caregivers to attend. Pizzas, fresh fruit and a beautiful cake that read, “Celebrate You !” ensured fine food, fine friends and much laughter. All 74 members were honored with cards, balloons, and a mongrammed LL Bean canvas bag. Ask any staff member what they love about working at the Lincoln Home, and the message is loud and clear; the feeling of family, for both the residents and each other.

If you are interested in a work environment where you can make a difference every day, Contact Lari-Ann Beaucage, HR, 207-563-3350 Ext. 22, Lari-ann@lincoln-home.org