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Rhonda Hanna Retires

Rhonda Hanna, Community Life Director at Lincoln Home, is retiring after 13 years of dedicated service. Wednesday July 1, the residents and staff had an outside picnic lunch in her honor. Rhonda has been the heartbeat of the residents’ days, filling them with joyful and thoughtful activities to stimulate their minds and keep their bodies moving. She is the one who decks our halls for Christmas, creates parties, arranges music, plays games, and feeds our spirits daily with her laughter, kindness, compassion, patience, and good will. We thank Rhonda for all she has given so effortlessly and for being the residents’ cheerleader all these years. Happy Retirement to Rhonda, well earned. Staff, residents and members of the community will miss her dearly, but she will always be a member of our family.

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Happy Feet

Thanks to the creative thinking of Executive Director, Lynn Norgang, and the woodworking talents of Mike Knof and Kevin Benner, A “COVID-Safe” wall was constructed on our screen porch. Complete with a sliding door, our residents can now have their Feet attended to once again! Dr. Hilliary Pelletier, Podiatrist, normally sees our residents every 6 weeks, but due to our safety protocols, she has not been able to see us since March. The residents were thrilled to see her! The plexiglass topped wall has also allowed us to have family visits safely with our residents once again.

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We Welcome Brigit Cavanagh, New Director of Community Outreach and Admissions

The Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage are pleased to welcome Brigit Cavanagh as a new staff member to our team. Brigit brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her new role as Director of Community Outreach and Admissions. She has proven experience working in Senior Living with a commitment to insuring that every new resident joins the Lincoln Home family with personal attention to their individual wants, needs, and expectations. Her marketing and sales background also includes a number of community service appointments. She is currently President of the Bath Rotary Club at Rotary International, a past board member of the Mid Coast Area Chamber of Commerce and Brunswick Downtown Association. Brigit’s warmth, love of people, and strong listening skills will be a great fit to our family at Lincoln Home. Brigit can be reached at 207-563-3350 or brigit@lincoln-home.org.

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Lincoln Home Creates a Safe Space for Family Visits

The Lincoln Home staff has come up with a creative utilization of space to allow safe visits with family members.  Mike Knopf and Kevin Benner built a  half wall with a plexiglass top to allow families to visit on one side, with the resident safely on the other side, and still outdoors with plenty of air flow. Even though this arrangement cannot replace sitting side by side,  it offers loved ones a personal and meaningful experience. As an added bonus, Mike created a sliding door along the lower part of the partition so that a resident can extend their feet through the partition so the foot doctor can tend to feet and toes without coming into the building!
Friday, the porch setting was christened with a birthday celebration for resident, Hilda Traina, who turned 99.  Family was thrilled to see her face to face.  Chef Julie made a beautiful birthday cake, and the entire staff came outside to sing Happy Birthday.
Today, and every day, Lincoln Home goes above and beyond to make life as abundant and joyful as  possible  and still protect everyone’s safety and health. 

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Family Parade for Residents

On May 2nd Lincoln Home held its first ever, family car rally. Fourteen families and community members gathered at the Newcastle Fire Station and as they decorated their cars with colored streamers, balloons, and signs, it was clear they were so excited to be seeing their loved ones. Their signs read; Happy 95 th Birthday Mom, We love you Dad, Love to all at Lincoln Home and Kisses to All !!! .

At 11 am, Mike Knof, Director of Building and Grounds, began the parade. With cars honking and music blaring, cars full of smiling adults and children snaked their way up the River Road to Lincoln Home. There, waiting in anticipation were residents seated in sun chairs at the edge of the driveway with Pom Poms shaking and New Year’s Eve horns blowing. Great grandchildren hung out car windows as they called out words of love and encouragement. One car blasted the song ‘You Are My Sunshine’. Many families drove over an hour to have the chance to see their loved ones and know in their hearts their loved ones are indeed okay, even if it had to be from a car. Lincoln Home has had many special events over it’s 96 year history, but this one was perhaps the most extraordinary and certainly the most heart warming. 


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Keeping Smiles on Residents Faces

Many of the staff members are reviving past talents and skills to provide extras for the residents at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage. Decorating, Zoom computer gatherings, face time, and window visits with families, special meals, ice cream sandwiches,  hair appointments, foot soaks, and anything at all the staff can do to cheer a resident, they happily fit into their already busy schedule. Making a resident’s day, always makes a staff person’s day. “This is our job, our joy and our pleasure. It is why we are here.”

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Fun Events for Residents this Week

There have been some really fun happenings here this week in both the buildings. The Cottage had a fun Chinese Birthday Celebration that staff and residents so enjoyed. Lincoln Home had Danny Burns come to do his fabulous life size wood carvings of an eagle, 2 owls and a heart. Thursday a llama named Harry did a window visit as residents ogled at him face to face. Thanks so much to both Mr. Burns and Katherine Dunn and her llama  from Apiferia Farm for coming to share their talents and joys with us. 

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Danny Burns Carves Life Size Eagle Outside at Lincoln Home

Danny Burns Carving Eagle for Residents at Lincoln Home

, a wood carver came to carve a life size eagle to donate to Lincoln Home. He did his art carving outside in the back of our building where the residents had a bird’s eye view from the many large windows that face the river side. Very exciting!

Another week and gratefully all who live and work at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage are safe and healthy. Each day that goes by with healthy staff and residents is a blessing. All of us are working hard to help this blessing continue. 

Thank you for keeping up your self- isolation and social distancing no matter what, it may save your life and the life of others.

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Local Volunteers Stitch and Donate Masks to Lincoln Home

Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage employees are grateful to have members of the community offer their creativity and support by making and donating cloth masks. These masks are for employees to wear for their home and essential shopping use . We extend our thanks to Sara Sandberg, Yvonne Lamoreaux, Erica St. Peter and Cathy Lane, the Lincoln County coordinator for “Sewing Masks for Maine.”

“Sewing Masks for Maine.” is a statewide network of volunteers who make and donate cloth masks to Maine’s healthcare organizations. Through their website, www.sewingmasksformaine.com, you can volunteer to sew, request masks, find drop-off locations, or get information and patterns to make your masks. In 30 days, the group effort has delivered 7,252 masks to healthcare and community organizations around Maine.

Erica St. Peter, Senior Commercial Loan Assistant for First National Bank, Damariscotta is helping businesses secure help through loan assistance by day. In her “spare” time, she created a business sewing weighted blankets to help children with anxiety in 2017, “St. Peter’s Sew Sweet Creations.” When COVID-19 hit Maine, she switched gears to making masks. “I am thrilled to donate 30 masks to Lincoln Home because of the support of the community in donating fabric and willingness to pay for masks when they can! I will keep sewing and donating for as long as people need them!” Order masks or weighted blankets through her St. Peter’s Sew Sweet Creations Facebook page.

The Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage employees are very grateful for the support and donations from this wonderful community effort. These masks will ensure that the employees are safer at home as they continue with the recommended self- isolation and social distancing measures to which they are committed. Each day that goes by with healthy staff and residents is a blessing. All of us are working hard to help this blessing continue.

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Gratitude from Lincoln Home Director, Lynn Norgang

What a difference a month makes. In February one of our biggest challenges was finding enough parking spaces for our Senior College classes due to a muddy field that could not be used. When March arrived, the world had changed. Lincoln Home’s COVID 19 Task Force had begun meeting and implementing plans to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe. We continue to meet almost daily.

Gratefully, to date all the residents and staff continue to be well at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage. Thank you to our residents who continue to practice diligent Social Distancing and Self Isolation here on the property. It is heartwarming to see the residents come to the large living rooms in the afternoons, where they can maintain their 6 feet distancing, to check on each other, share their stores and laugh with each other. 

I am incredibly proud and in awe of the employees here at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage. These employees are home schooling their children while keeping them safe and entertained. They have family members with needs they can no longer meet due to their commitment to Social Distancing. They cannot see and hug their grandchildren. They are faced with forgoing birthday celebrations, religious gatherings, and coffee times with supportive friends. They are holding their families together under enormous pressures and stresses. And yet they all come to work, day after day, night after night. They bring their expertise, their grace and their smiles. I am honored to work with them. They are priceless. 

We also send a heartfelt thank you to our caregiving colleagues in doctor’s offices, Lincoln Health Hospital, and especially those caring for seniors in high risk communities. We are cheering you on with respect and gratitude.

Closing our doors to the public was a sad and difficult decision that had to be made. We dearly miss seeing our families, friends and all who came so often to share their pets, music, art, stories and companionship with us. Know we are thinking about all of you, sending our love out to the community, wishing you well, and counting the days to when we can open our doors to welcome you back inside. 

As one resident told me the other day “we can take it and we will make it.” I believe her. 

Lynn Norgang, RN
Executive Director
Lincoln Home / Harbor View Cottage
Visit our website, www.lincoln-home.org  for continued updates on COVID-19. Follow us on Facebook to keep in touch with us at Lincoln Home.

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