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In Appreciation of Each and Every Member of Our Lincoln Home Staff

Executive Director, Lynn Norgang, is proud and passionate about the staff that she is honored to be a part of. She shares, “At The Lincoln Home, we are family, each and every one of us. Together, as a team, we pride ourselves in the care we give our residents. It takes a special kind of person; kind, caring and compassionate, to deliver the level of care we believe in. Our family of exceptional caregivers go above and beyond to make a difference in our residents’ lives every day.”

Wednesday, March 27, Lincoln Home hosted an event to welcome over 10 new employees and thank all the employees for hours of early mornings and late nights of extra coverage. Two home care clients were guests of honor and joined the party which allowed their One2One Home Caregivers to attend. Pizzas, fresh fruit and a beautiful cake that read, “Celebrate You !” ensured fine food, fine friends and much laughter. All 74 members were honored with cards, balloons, and a mongrammed LL Bean canvas bag. Ask any staff member what they love about working at the Lincoln Home, and the message is loud and clear; the feeling of family, for both the residents and each other.

If you are interested in a work environment where you can make a difference every day, Contact Lari-Ann Beaucage, HR, 207-563-3350 Ext. 22, Lari-ann@lincoln-home.org

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4/8: Music with Jud Caswell

 Jud Caswell is a little bit like a one-man folk festival. You’ve got your banjo picking, your Irish songs, a rack of acoustic instruments, and a deep catalog of award-winning originals. He’s often compared to James Taylor and David Wilcox, but his songs draw on a long musical history and wide-ranging influences from jazz and Piedmont blues to contemporary folk and rock. Join us Monday, APRIL 8, at 1:00 pm.

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Lari-Ann Beaucage, Meet a Member of Our Family

Lari-Ann Beaucage started working at the Lincoln Home in 1992 in the dining room. She studied to become a CNA, working with residents until 2015. Lari-Ann is now the staffing manager and head of Human Resources. She still fills in as a CNA when needed because she loves working directly with the residents. In Lari-Ann’s words, “I love we are a family and how well we work as a team. I have worked for other facilities, and none of them had the feel of family that we share here. We all care about each other and strive to create a homelike atmosphere for our residents. No one is just a number here. We all love making a difference in the family’s and resident’s lives.”

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3/25: History of Manana Island with Bobby Ives

Bobby Ives spent two years as a teacher and preacher on Monhegan Island overlooking Manana Island.  He will share the history of Manana and touch on the life of Ray Phillips, the hermit who lived on the island for 50 years.  Join us on Monday, March 25, from 3:00-4:00pm at The Lincoln Home, located at 22 River Road, Newcastle.  For more information, please contact Rhonda Hanna, 563-3350, or rhonda@lincoln-home.org.

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Meet Alisa Grierson, a Member of our Family

Alisa Grierson started working in the kitchen at the Lincoln Home in 2010 after owning her own restaurant, The Breakfast Place, in Damariscotta. Many years prior, she had been a CNA, and decided to re-instate her certificate, working 3 – 11. The Lincoln Home helped Alisa to complete her CRMA training. She now works days and is qualified to dispense medicine. Alisa feels at home at LH, it has become family to her. She loves working full time, and often volunteers to take on more shifts. Alisa cares so deeply for the residents, she gets emotional as she speaks about the big part they play in her life.

On a personal note, one phone call that I will never forget, epitomizes Alisa’s personality and the entire culture at LH. We were driving my 97 year old mother in law to live at the LH from Cape Cod. It was a long and stressful ride and I called to say we would be much later than I hoped to arrive. Alisa answered the call, with “How can we make this easier for you? What can we do to help?” And that is exactly what each and every resident, and family, receives day in and day out, from every member of the staff who give from their heart.

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3/18: Author Deborah Gould

In the 1990’s, Deborah Gould bought an old two-story farmhouse in East Pittston. The history of the home brought her to Joel Thompson, who bought the land in 1811 and whose descendants owned the property for the next 100 years. Both fiction and social history, Deborah’s novels, The Eastern, I & II,  explore the themes of community, working together for the common good, and solid New England concepts we seem to have lost along the way. Join Deborah on Monday, March 18, from 3:00-4:00pm.

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Meet Our Family: Rose Libby

We have been asking our employees what they really like about working at the Lincoln Home. The overall message, loud and clear, is being part of a family, and really making a difference in our residents’ lives. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing individual and personal stories. Together, as a team, we pride ourselves in the care we give our residents, but what really sets us apart is our “level of caring.” We go above and beyond.

Rose Libby works at the Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage per Diem. She shares that she has worked at a number of Assisted Living facilities, and LH is the most welcoming to residents, staff and families, alike. She loves seeing the residents being treated like special human beings. Rose’s favorite part is learning about each and every resident’s lives and stories. She loves coming to work. At Harbor View Cottage, our Memory Loss Community, Rose loves that it is a brand new day for residents every day. They are one big family. Rose makes an impact on her residents and staff each and every day with her positive attitude and warm compassionate nature.

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3/11: NASA Space Shuttle Program

On Monday, March 11, from 3:00-4:00pm, Engineer, Edward Polewarczyk will give a talk on NASA’s Space Shuttle Program.In 2004, after the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, Ed became NASA’s Director of Orbiter Production and Operations. His presentation includes a description of a typical shuttle flight; from vehicle preparation through launch, flight, entry and landing. We will learn about the experiences of astronauts, activities throughout the mission, an explanation of the support activity, and daily operations at mission control.

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3/4: A Summer in Alaska with Michael Perry

Join Michael Perry, Monday, March 4, 3:00-4:00pm, for a beautiful slide program capturing the 2nd half of a summer of a lifetime in the Great Land.  Part I, which Michael shared at the Lincoln Home three years ago, left us off in Valdez.  From here we take the Alaska Marine Ferry to Whittier and explore Kenai Peninsula.   We will take a boat ride to see Portage Glacier, fish for halibut in Cook Inlet, watch the dip netters snag salmon along the beaches below Kenai, admire the volcanic splendor of Mt Redoubt, a snow-covered volcano across Cook Inlet, and explore the four-mile-long eyebrow of sand known as Homer spit. 

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Join Our Family.

At The Lincoln Home, we are family, each and every one of us.

Together, as a team, we pride ourselves
in the care we give our residents,
but what really sets us apart is our “level of caring.”
We go above and beyond. We make a difference.

Are you a kind, compassionate, caring person
wishing to share your gifts with others?

Looking to work in an environment where you…

are supported, mentored, encouraged and appreciated?
establish relationships with residents and staff?
participate in a resident focused community? can make a difference every day?

We would love to meet you.
Contact Lari-Ann Beaucage, HR, 207-563-3350 Ext. 22,

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