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Celebrating the Life of Departed Loved Ones – Mike Hall of Hall Funeral Homes

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Mike Hall is the President of Hall Funeral Homes and a great pillar in our local community. He has an excellent reputation for compassionate professionalism in helping people through very painful, sensitive and vulnerable times. His personal experience with death in his family informs how he cares for his family clients in creating the type of service that honors their personal values and celebrates the life of the deceased. As Mike says, “The funeral is really just the beginning of the transformation of how to move forward in life.” The “many small chapters” of the funeral help people in a very personal way. I agree with Mike that advance planning always helps because you are able to deal with practical matters when you are not in a time of crisis. I enjoyed this interview with Mike Hall greatly. Hall Funeral Homes is doing great work, and Mike provides excellent information in this interview.