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Community Education Classes Free to Public

Throughout the year, The Lincoln Home hosts educational events on issues of interest to seniors and their families.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 3:30PM to 5:00pm: Steve Raymond and Valerie Lovelace will give a presentation on “Caring for a Friend Who is Seriously Ill: Creating a ‘Share-the-Care’ network.”

This is a Coastal Journal Article excerpt Nov 17, 2016:

“I am in an advanced stage of cancer,” Betty said, “and I have to start chemotherapy and radiation next week.” She said it very simply and clearly, but her words hit with a heavy thud. We had become professional friends over the past couple of years. Betty is young, and her news came as a real surprise.

We talked about her cancer and her life and “How are you going to handle all this?” We wanted to help her form a plan because that’s what we do, and we don’t want her to travel this journey alone. Two conversations later, she agreed to allow us to organize a group of her personal friends in a “Share the Care Network.”

Read the full Coastal Journal article here—> Caring for a friend who is seriously ill – Coastal Journal, 2016-11-17