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Coronavirus Health Protection Policies

Protecting Lincoln Home Residents and Staff

Click the graphic to see the Maine Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus Information

    Friday, March 27, 2020 1:29 pm

As stated yesterday, the Maine CDC has moved all Nursing Home, Assisted Living Communities, Skilled units and Senior Living Communities to Tier 1, the highest level of risk. The good new with this is that any resident living in or staff person working in these communities will have priority testing for COVID-19 symptoms and the test results will processed much more quickly. This will assist us in keeping all residents and staff safer.

    Thursday, March 26, 2020 3:45 pm

To date Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage do not have any residents or staff with COVID 19. Several staff members have been tested due to concerns over cold symptoms. They have all tested negative.

We dearly miss seeing each of you as we continue with the required strict Social Distancing of residents, allowing no one inside the building and having all residents remain here on the property. I have heard from several residents is that the hardest part for them is eating in their apartments. We understand this and are counting the days when we can all gather in the dining room to celebrate together.

If you notice balloons at Lincoln Home and Harbor View Cottage once in awhile, this is our way of sending waves of love back and forth to each other.

Noted on a doorway today…

“Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.”
EB White

Lynn Norgang, RN
Lincoln Home

    Thursday, March 19, 2020, 2:55pm

Weekly update Memo

To Each of Our Dear Residents,

Thank you so very much for your support and cooperation with all the changes in our daily routines. We so miss seeing your families, our musicians, our furry visitors who make us laugh, our educational classes, art, and all of the things that enrich our spirits and minds. However, nothing is more important than your good health and social isolation is everyone’s best defense against this highly contagious virus.

To date we do not have the virus COVID-19 in Lincoln Home or Harbor View Cottage. Every day we greet without this virus here is a gift for which we are grateful. Please know all staff is constantly being diligent with all the protective measures instituted per the CDC recommendations. You will notice we have added to your temperature checks, O2 saturations (the little gadget that goes on your finger and then beeps). This is per the CDC as well.

One more thought. I was thinking it might be nice to start a letter board during this time of social distancing where we can post letters you might want to write to staff or residents or just a letter. Letter writing can be very cathartic and help us express how we are feeling during these difficult times. I will be posting a couple of poems as soon as the board is up and ready. Let Rhonda or I know your thoughts on this.

And know that despite not being able to hug you or for us all to hold hands through this, I am thinking of you every minute day and night. We cannot join hands but we certainly can join hearts, and this will make us all stronger.

Most Sincerely,

Lynn Norgang, RN

    Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 3:50pm:

Management staff listened to a CDC webinar addressing long-term care and assisted living facilities on best practices and we are following recommendations. It has been an uneventful, quiet day.

It is clear that restrictions on social interactions to stop the spread of the virus will continue for several weeks.  We are setting up systems to facilitate communication between family members and the Lincoln Home by email, and between you and your family members at the Lincoln Home through video.

Regarding email

We will keep you up to date with important news from via email at least once weekly and as needed.

Regarding video conversations

We are setting up a Skype account.  However, it is far more preferable for you to communicate by video on your cell phone if you have that option. This will save staff time in assisting residents with calls.  If you want to be set up to be able to Skype with your family member, please email steve@lincoln-home.org to let me know, and I will add you to the Skype contact list.

 Thank you so much for all your good will and cooperation . It soothes the way for us.  And we urge you to “ wash your hands as if you have been cutting jalapeno pepper and are going to take out a contact lens” per Dr Shah of the Maine CDC.


    Monday, March 16, 2020, 5:00pm:

We will be communicating directly with families by email regarding general issues in the community. We are all pulling together with great teamwork and good safety procedures. We will have Skype set up so family members can communicate. Everything is well for right now as we settle into a new daily rhythm organized completely around the safety of our residents and staff.

We have noted that Maine now has 17 confirmed cases, with two in Lincoln County. Please, Everyone, be safe and protective in public spaces.

    Monday, March 16, 2020, 10:30am:

According to the John Hopkins University Coronavirus website, Maine now has 12 confirmed cases. This past Saturday it was announced that a Lincoln County healthcare worker has tested positive. The Lincoln Home immediately moved into Phase Three of the Health Protection Plan for our residents. We did this proactively ahead of our original plan to be on the safe side. At this writing we have no infections. All doors are locked and opened only to essential personnel.

For the sake of all of the older adults in our community, we are urging all residents to practice social distancing and excellent hygiene, including hand washing and strictly keeping your hands away from your face.

We greatly miss the vibrancy of our volunteers and visitors, but we also know that these clouds will pass. Until that time, we will all pull together to stop the coronavirus from spreading further.

    Thursday, March 12, 2020:

Maine has had its first person to test positive for the COVID-19 virus. This person is in the Lewiston Auburn area and is doing very well.

So, Lincoln Home is now moving to Phase Two which means we are asking all residents to please remain on Lincoln Home property other than going to a medical appointment. I know this is a stressful time and a great imposition. Chris has called all of your families this morning to inform them that we are not having visitors into the building. This will be evaluated on a weekly basis. They are free to call me – any time. And I am encouraging you to bring any worry or concern to me and I will do my best to give you all accurate information that I have.

Hang in with us. As our parents and grandparents taught us, this too shall pass.


    March 11, 2020:

We held a Resident’s Council meeting this morning to educate all residents on maintaining Health Protection Policies.

    March 10, 2020:

The Lincoln Home has begun Phase 1 of a three-phase Corona Virus Protection Policy. We are following Maine CDC guidelines, and have met with Lincoln County Emergency Preparedness officials.

We have stopped public meetings until further notice.

We have created restricted entry for every person entering the building requiring handwashing and a quick-scan temperature check before entering.

We are monitoring the Maine state situation closely and will follow all future recommended guidelines. As of this writing, there have been no identified cases in Maine, and 20 negative tests.

Click the graphic to see the Maine Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus Information