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Food Pantry Volunteers and Local Organizations Provide Food and Other Assistance to Seniors and Families

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Can you imagine for a moment that you have children, and don’t have enough money to adequately feed them? That’s “Food Insecurity,” and most of us have a hard time relating to that type of anxiety because we have enough to eat. We are surrounded by food all the time. However, Food Insecurity is a problem throughout our state and country. MaryAnn Look, Co-Director of the Ecumenical Food Pantry, describes the long-standing efforts to assist the food insecure in Lincoln County. In so doing, she shines a light upon the excellent volunteer work of individuals and organizations that occurs locally and through 250 other food pantries in communities all over Maine.

The Ecumenical Food Pantry provides food to residents of Newcastle, Damariscotta and Nobleboro every Tuesday morning, 9:30am to 11:00am, at the 2nd Congregational Church, 51 Main Street, in Newcastle. Click here to see their website for more information.

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