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10/14: The Life of John James Audubon

Local historian, Jerry Wiles, will share the life of John James Audubon, on Monday, October 14, from 2:00-3:00pm.
An American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter, he was notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats.

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Brain Health Speaker Steve Raymond

10/3: Third Talk on Scientifically Based Optimal Brain Health

On Thursday, October 3, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Steve Raymond will continue his talks on preventing cognitive decline and maintaining optimal brain health.  This presentation is an introduction to the practice of Mindfulness, which goes beyond meditation to the cultivation of a moment-to-moment awareness with a non-judgmental attitude.  Hospital based programs have sprung up around the country teaching mindfulness practices as a treatment for depression and stress reduction, and promoting a daily sense of well-being, healthy aging and optimal brain health.  Participants will learn about mindfulness practices through discussion and a guided meditation.  Raymond is a longtime practitioner of mindfulness methods.

Join us for a box lunch.  Please RSVP for this free event to Steve Raymond at 563-3350, or steve@lincoln-home.org. The Lincoln Home is located at 22 River Road, Newcastle. 

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9/23: Story of Maine in 112 Objects by Maine State Museum

Bernard Fishman, Maine State Museum director, has edited and published a book, A Story of Maine in 112 Objects, which tells the story of Maine through a choice selection of 112 objects in the museum’s collections. From a 400-million-year-old fossil, through the only authentic Viking object found in the United States, to a genuine 200-year-old sawmill moved to the museum and rebuilt piece by piece, he’ll tell the stories of how the museum acquired some of its most compelling objects, and what they have to tell about the saga of Maine. Please join us on Monday, September 23, from 3:00 – 4:00pm.

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9/9: Sean Fleming on the Piano

We are kicking off National Assisted Living Week with multi-talented Sean Fleming on Monday, September 9, from 3:00 – 4:00pm.  Sean will be playing an eclectic program of classical and popular music selections on the piano.  Come, listen, sing and remember some highlights of your life through music. 
The Lincoln Home is located at 22 River Road, Newcastle.  For more information, please contact Rhonda Hanna, 563-3350, or rhonda@lincoln-home.org. Visit our website, www.lincoln-home.org  and follow us on Facebook for photos and events of daily life at The Lincoln Home.

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Sept 19 and October 3: Scientifically Based Optimal Brain Health Talk

Dementia Prevention

Steve Raymond will give three talks on “Scientifically Based Optimal Brain Health” at the Lincoln Home.   Advances in research have led to the understanding that the brain changes which lead to dementia usually occur 20 years in advance of symptoms and a diagnosis.  An extraordinary amount of research is now focused on what we can do to prevent and even turn around early degrees of Mild Cognitive Impairment.  There is very good reason to be optimistic!  

A big discovery in the last decade has been the discovery of Neuroplasticity.  It is now proven that the brain has the ability to develop new synaptic connections based on the stimulation that it receives, and will respond favorably to the health conditions of the body based on life practices.  The purpose of these talks is to provide you with sources of information so you may judge for yourself what steps you wish to take to maintain Optimal Brain Health.  

The talks are part of the “Dementia Friendly Lincoln County” education series. They are scheduled for three Thursdays, on August 8, September 19, and October 3.  These free talks will run from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm, and a box lunch will be provided. The three talks are individual presentations covering the same material.

Please RSVP by email: steve@lincoln-home.org, or 563-3350. The Lincoln Home is located at 22 River Road, Newcastle.

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