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Lincoln Home Resident, Dr. Douglas Tigert Honored at Remember Me Celebration

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Harold Schramm, Pat Schramm, Maryjane Tigert, and seated, Dr. Douglas Tigert

Rhonda Hanna, Lincoln Home, Dr. Douglas Tigert, Maryjane Tigert,Harold Schramm, and Pat Schramm

On April 10th  The Lincoln Home was proud and delighted to honor its resident, Dr. Douglas Tigert of Bremen, at the Maine Health Care Association’s Annual Remember ME Celebration in the Civic Center in Augusta. This is the day set aside each year to honor and recognize seniors  from every corner of the state of Maine, to hear their unique stories and  honor their achievements and all they have given of themselves to so many. 

Dr. Tigert was chosen as on honoree for his many professional and personal achievements. He was born and raised in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. His parents were both high school teachers and he and his three siblings were expected to go on to college. Douglas struggled in his first year of college at the University of Toronto and transferred to Queens University in Kingston, Ontario where he received his Bachelor’s Degree.  He received his Masters at Northwestern in Chicago, and his PHD in marketing from Perdue. 

Douglas taught 3 years at the University of Chicago before returning to the University of Toronto as Dean for sixteen years followed by another 16 years at Babson College in Boston where he was the first person to hold the newly established chair of retailing.  During his years at Babson as Professor of Retail Marketing he developed a retailing course, started an executive program, mentored young professors and wrote publications.  Douglas and a partner, Lawrence Ring, developed a strategic planning and retailing program in 1989. With a few revisions in 2001 and 2011 the program is still in use today.  He specialized in consumer research, strategic planning, financial and productivity analysis in the retailing arena.  His research covered a myriad of retailing sectors which took him to thirty-nine countries. 

As a member of the Rotary Club’s International Program and making a trip to Thailand, Douglas became involved with the Clean Drinking Water for Schools Program.  He describes it as being a good feeling when you can help financially support and see students become healthier and able to attend school. A second project he worked on was an addition that would handle 35 students on an existing school in South Africa. While on his yearly seminar trip to South Africa, he was able to visit the school and was pleased to see the difference it made in the life of the students. 

Doug was a very busy man, but always made time for family. While on sabbatical, he took his whole family to the Netherlands.  During a Christmas vacation, Doug took his daughters to the Alps. This was their first skiing event which led to many more in various resorts throughout the US and Canada.  The family also enjoyed sailing, camping and boating.

Doug’s wife, Maryjane and his dear friends, Harold and Pat Shramm joined him at the Remember ME Celebration. It was a very special day to honor those seniors in our state who have set the example of sacrifice and achievement for all of us to follow.