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Tales of a Coast to Coast Adventure

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We welcome the public to join us on Monday, January 28, from 3:00-4:00pm to hear the tales of Val Lovelace’s adventures:   “Coast to Coast and Back Again: Traveling the “Blue Roads” on Two Wheels.”  Val, our One to One Care Director, will share images and experiences from her 2008 motorcycle adventure on two-lane highways in the United States and Canada. Her solo “trip of a lifetime” spanned 10 weeks and more than 12,000 miles across the United States, as she rode from Maine to California and back home.  
The Lincoln Home is located at 22 River Road, Newcastle.  For more information, please contact Rhonda Hanna, 563-3350, or rhonda@lincoln-home.org. Visit our website, www.lincoln-home.org  and follow us on Facebook for photos and events of daily life at The Lincoln Home. 

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