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The Knox Museum in Montpelier: Fascinating Revolutionary History, Now Featuring an Exhibit by Vietnam MASH Nurse Beth Parks

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I went to the Knox Museum in Montpelier to see the exhibit of Beth Parks, a MASH Unit Nurse during the Vietnam War. I saw the exhibit after our interview Beth on Spotlight on Seniors. Beth’s exhibit is a fascinating look at those in war whose every effort is to save lives. She has lived a rich and abundant life since that time, settling in Maine and traveling to 62-countries as a wildlife photographer and author. I loved meeting her for this conversation.

Matt Hansby is the curator for the Knox Museum. Matt and his docents are incredibly knowledgable about the Revolutionary period in Maine, providing intimate details of the lives of the people from that time drawn from original letters and source documents. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the treasure of the Knox Museum. The mansion and collections are outstanding. If you haven’t been the Knox Museum, put it on your calendar, and take your summer guests and kids. Beth’s exhibit will be on display through October 2016.

Special thanks to Kim Traina of Jumpstart Creative and Christine LaPado-Breglia, staff reporter for Lincoln County News.